How to configure iPhone or iPod Touch for VoIP calls.

voip calling on smartphones Use inexpensive  voip  phone service in the airport, in the hotel,  in  the cafe. Download Media5 on  your  iPhone, iPod or Android  smartphone, then enter the account data received from Pathephone. You can phone wherever there is 3G/Wi-Fi Internet access.

1. Go to Settings

Media5-fone on iPhone

Media5-fone free edition and Media5-fone PRO is available on the App Store.

3. Choose Pathephone

Pathephone iPhone Media5-fone

Media5-fone is preconfigured for Pathephone and for many other popular VoIP providers.

2. Configure SIP accounts

Pathephone iPhone Media5-fone

Wideband audio quality with the G.722 codec is compatible with Pathephone account.

4. Enter the Username and Password

Pathephone iPhone Media5-fone

Enter the username and password that were given to you by Pathephone.

Some softphones compatible with Pathephone

In any of the following cases:
  a) your local internet provider or firewall restricts VoIP
  b) your SIP client does not support DNS SRV
  c) you are using mobile 3G or public Wi-Fi or any other unstable or low-speed Internet connection,
set   instead   as domain (sipproxy).

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